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Name:FDR Foster
Location:United States of America
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"I'm a cruise ship captain of a very large vessel."

This is FDR Foster. His birth name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt Foster. Just stick with FDR or if you're Tuck then Frank works. Also don't call him Captain Horny Pants. He's thirty years old and pretty content with his life. He's a CIA agent (assassin playboy), but to the world he's a cruise ship captain. A manchild who is "always on". His style of hitting on women is somewhere between creepy and romantic. He has coined the term as cromantic. Don't judge him. His parents died when he was a boy and he went to live with his grandmother. He is very close to her and the real way you know he's interested is if he brings you to meet her. She's the only consistent lady in his life. Please don't bring up his small jazz hands. They're not girly. They're adequate. He can't help it if the guy he's constantly right next to is built like a bulldozer.

He's a one day rental if you know what that means. He's very good at the nail and bail, but it's the sticking around that gets away from him. He has a persona he saves for strangers and one that his family gets to see. Don't talk bad about Tuck because then FDR will be forced to kill you. He can do it too. He'll make it look like an accident. He's damn good at his job and the one thing he likes to do when he is not working is watch movies. They're this whole different world for FDR.

Mun and muse 18+.

[ He's from This Means War. I'll try and avoid spoilers, but to be honest it's gonna be quite difficult. Usually he'll be played pre!Lauren. So he hasn't met her yet and him and Tuck are still BAMF best friends. ]
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